Professional Paint Solutions for Long Lasting Paint

Design a lasting testimony to your creativity- Partner with Nippon Paint, the total coatings expert.


Whatever type of building or project you are planning, we have specialized products to address your issues and provide long-lasting protection for both interior and exterior surfaces.


Nippon Paint offers specialized solutions — Health, Smart, and Design — for multi-surfaces and multi-segment across industries to meet your needs and provide long-lasting protection from roof to floor and everything in between.


Whatever stage your project is at, Nippon Paint has the right coating for you. We are the total coatings solutions provider with the widest range of coating solutions to ensure that you get long-lasting protection for all your surfaces from roof to floor and everything in between.


Every surface will have its share of problems over time. Efflorescence, peeling, hairline cracks, or fungus. As a total coating solution provider, Nippon Paint has developed a wide range of innovative solutions to solve your surface problems. We also have a dedicated team of certified coating advisers ready to provide advice and on-site assistance whenever you need it.


Over the years, Nippon Paint has leveraged insights from every industry to focus its efforts on creating a wide range of specialized solutions for different purposes and environments.

These innovations include environmentally-friendly, water-resistant, dirt-resistant, heat-resistant and coatings for healthier interiors. Whatever your project needs, Nippon Paint has the solution.

Nippon Paint provides colour consultation and propose the most compatible colour scheme and combinations.

You will be provided with translations into 2D and 3D elevations as well as 3D rotating video customized based on your colour preferences with a guided video walk through to experience colours in different dimensions and provide better visualization on your projects.

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